Thursday, December 20, 2007

holyyyyy shit. Lanvin's sping08 ads have already started to pop up on the pages of vogue, and i'd say it's impossible to be not impressed by this. Alber Elbaz's genius design certainly catches your eye and i am so glad that they choose this particular dress. and the way they have the dress flowing throughout the page with Olga's pale white skin and that pose! it's all just too perfect. i can hardly wait for all the editorials and covers featuring Elbaz's wonderful spring collection.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

the chanel pre-fall08 collection reminded me of fall06, which i liked very much, way better than fall07 imo. you can also see irina singinig in the background, a bit of a distraction. favorites:
heidi mount looks similar to lara stone in this one, the piece on freja looks like the ysl ss08 plastic star piece and oo i miss the long hair already!
as seen on marc jacobs and chanel- bags with attached minis, like or dislike? doesn't look very nice on the chanel bag imo.
the potter gang- clémence poésy and emma watson- all grown up, looking good and barely recognizable.
now we sit back and wait for the couture shows.
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