Tuesday, September 26, 2006

ban on skinny.

note to self- side effect of richie's diet: saggy skin
I think Bosworth has always just been on the skinny side and I haven't really noticed the difference, but the media is definately noticing and chattering away. I have to say that she's got very good fashion sense.
As you all probably know, the Fashion world has finally taken action on the weight issues, in Madrid at least. They've set limits to how skinny you can be in order to be able to walk on the runways. They were even taping the models at a buffet to check if they were eating.. which i find to be kind of funny. Banishment on too skinny would mean that a person as skinny as Kate Moss would be banned. If this policy spread on to other parts of the world of fashion, it would mean the banishment of many of our favorite models. Darn, that would suck major..


Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes..madrid has caused an uproar with the at least 18 bmi rule. Being so tall, 18 is pretty pretty low. on the other hand..i have got to disagree on kate bosworth. I think she has gotten really skinny, but people are way too obsessed with celebs anyways. i dont she looks that healthy anymore. oh and the pics could be a little exaggerated ay?

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