Friday, September 29, 2006

looking ghostly.

Tanya Dziahileva and Coco Rocha have become my favorite models this season. They both have such strong and unique features that you immediately notice them and recognize them later on. In my opinion, I think they both have very similar facial features that gives more of a ghostly look than an alienic look, which Gemma Ward and many other models have been dominating the runways with and have become very sucessful for. Maybe this ghostly look will be the next new, big thing for models, seeing that Tanya and Coco have been appearing much more on the runways and Prada's new chic, Suvi Koponen from Findland, seems to have this look somewhat down.

Suvi Koponen is on the rise to becomming the new Sasha.

Zac Posen, givin some lovee. Tanya on left, Coco on right.

cheek bones to die for.
Anna Sui
Better than Sasha?! maybe..
their expressions are cold and ghostly on the catwalks. who's your pick?
Coco's got my vote.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i've got to say coco also. but i still think sasha is beautiful.

9:33 AM  
Blogger Gigi said...

I'm so over models looking unhappy on the runway. Why would anyone want to buy clothes that made them look so unhappy and...hungry?

11:05 PM  

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