Saturday, November 04, 2006

chanel's makeup.

brown, gray, black, and many other colors of dark have obviously been the biggest trends this season. makeup-wise, brown matte eyeshadows have been stomping all over the runways. with all things being dark this season, i personally think the brown matte eyeshadows can get a tad bit boring sometimes. so, to play up the dark outfits of fall, i think the chanel beauty look below is just perfect. the shimmering aqua painted on the inner lids and the dark eyeshodow on the outter rims, gives the face a very refreshing, bold and fun look.

Chanel Fluid Iridescent Eyeshadow in Ocean; $30

Chanel Soft Touch Eyeshadow in Ebony; $26.50

i recently purchased the Extracils Chanel Mascara ($24), which is a super curl lengthening mascara. i was kind of dissapointed with it at first, because it didn't really give me the long/false eyelash look i was looking for. the first few times i tried it on, i have to say it was very bad, because my eyelashes would sink down and uncurl itself after about a minute. but, for some reason the mascara continued to get better, and after about 3 days of trying this on, desperately hoping that it would give me a look that was well worth what i had paid for, i was absolutely satisfied with the mascara's work on my eyelashes. the mascara really defines, lengthens and holds the curls. no clumps and it leaves no marks. there's probably other mascaras out there that's about half the price and will get the job done, but if wearing chanel on your eyes makes you more happy, then definately go for it. but, if your looking for the voluminous/doll-like look, i probably wouldn't buy this.

If your looking for a hair product that will give your styled hair a natural look and shine:

Leonor Greyl Sérum de Soie Sublimateur; $32 Available from (866) GREYLUS.


Blogger Julz said...

great taste- good tips! I'll look for that eyeshadow on the shelves. Nice blog!

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