Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Vogue does Balenciaga as well...

It was Lindsay Lohan in Balenciaga at Harper's Bazaar, while Ms. Kate Hudson took on Balenciaga as well, in Vogue's July06.

Caroline Herrera's wool jacket & mini. Balenciaga's hat.

Donna Karan coat & thoes super chunky high heels from Balenciaga.

Cute dress from Balenciaga

From looking at these pictures, Kate Hudson is definately not model material. The pictures are just really plain and boring. & the face on the second picture is just not working... Although, I'm actually liking the third one. The random guy standing there, and kate lifting thoes heavy heels in the air... they look like they're having fun. American Vogue just seems to be getting worse and less interesting. I just wish they'd stop with the celebrities and the way boring photo shoots. But, I think this is better then la Lohan in Harper's Bazaar. Just a little though, they're both pretty blah.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

is the second pic a REAL pic? it looks like you cut off the head and stuck it onto the dress! oh my gosh.. im getting a good laugh O__O !! muahhahah..

2:32 AM  

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