Tuesday, July 11, 2006

FW06 Shoes

Boots are one of the very big trends of Fall. There were the cowboy boots and the UGG boots from previous seasons, but thankfully they're all being replaced now with the fashionable leather knee-high boots.

FW06 VPL: I think the gray knee high socks and the white boots go so well together. It would look so cute with a shirt dress too.

FW06 Zac Posen: Black&Black. Irina looks so different without her bangs!

FW06 Anna Sui: soo cute

Golden boots from Anna Sui

Fw06 Marc Jacobs: Not exactly knee high, but these are cute boots.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i have been craving boots for the past 2 months!! I also agree that Irina looks soo different .. i like her better with her bangs and the anna sui dress is absolutely beautiful and so structered. also love the mj boots.. really liking the chunky/slouchy boot+ socks and stockings look

10:22 PM  

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