Sunday, July 16, 2006

it's time to move on. Is it?

I very much admire the clothing styles of Mary-Kate. It kinda has this "i just grabbed this from my floor and put it on the last minute" look. But it looks good. To me at least. It's the vintage, boho-chic look. Leave your hair down & your face bare. It became one of the very big trends last year. A lot of the people started wearing the hippie skirts, cow boy boots, and the loose fitted shirts with floral patterns etc. So it's an old trend. aka "that's so last year"
So would you be considered "late, slow, old and not in" if you were to keep wearing this trend this summer and through fall? Well Mary-Kate seems to be still hooked on to this trend. Or is it just her Style? Or is she just not willing to move on to what's in now?
speaking of trends... I think the ballet flats & leggings must go. It's getting very old.


Blogger Frapp said...

Leggings can be an amazing leg-lengthener if you wear them with heels in a similar colour. I do agree that the ballet flats and leggings are getting a bit old, but now white leggings with heels and wedges are giving them a new twist. And yes, there's a difference between 'I just threw this on' and 'I stumbled drunkenly around my bedroom this morning with a hangover and grabbed the first thing nearest the toilet bowl'

1:17 AM  
Anonymous Kim said...

I see the boho but not the chic.

8:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think it's truly just her style..

12:08 AM  

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