Thursday, July 20, 2006


Does anyone listen to the red hot chili peppers? This may be late news but just thought i'd do a post on it. Well, Anthony Kiedis, the lead singer of the band has recently dated model, Jessica Stam. Before Kiedis, she dated Harrison Ford's son, Malcom. Kiedis has also dated another famous model, Heidi Klum. Seems like he has a thing for models, huh? Well the crazy thing is that Stam is only 19 and he's what.. 40 something. Old enough to be her father which is kind of gross. & in my opinion he isn't very attractive. But, I love their music!

I loveee what she's wearing. Her little green hat is soo cute and the shoes go very well with the all black outfit. hehe it looks like they're playing hide and seek.

Every one of her outfits are adorable. & she looks gorgeous no matter what.

I think the relationship between them is over now and Keidis is now dating some other girl named Heather.

Just thought I'd add this one, because she looks soo gorgeous! She definately has become one of my favorite models.


Blogger Frapp said...

Aah but some people find people attractive that others don't. I mean I'm only a teenager but if Johnny Depp who's 41 came knocking on my door I'd be gone in a second!

1:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Haha frapp! i was thinking the SAME exact thing! i was about to argue that age doesn't matter if it has to do with johnny! the way, he's 42 years old,his b-days june 9th!!!( an obsessed freak) anyways, Stam's outfit made her kinda look like Peter Pan/Link in the Zelda games..(but in a good way)..

3:02 PM  

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