Monday, August 14, 2006

shoulder bags.

summer's ending, fall's starting and that means we need a new bag for the new season. i find shoulder bags to be more comfortable to carry around, than handbags. they have a more casual vibe, and they look better in the daytime.

Prada: i fell in love with this bag when i saw Liv Tyler carrying it. It is soo perfect. Unfortunately, it's $2,680.

Chloe: i like this one veryyy much too. $1,935.00.

Chloe: this one may be plain, but it's not boring. loved how they used the belt buckle, it's definately perfect for casual wear. $1,575.00.

Hobo International: $298

Mulberry: perfect for daytime. $795.

Robeto Cavalli: $1,390.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

my fav one is the second chloe..

11:40 AM  

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