Monday, November 19, 2007

is it just me or is everyone else falling in love with raquel? raquel zimmerman's been around for quite awhile, but i've never really liked her. in fact i think i disliked her until she started appearing in the fendi ads. and now she's really all over the place, especailly in these magazine editorials. cover of v magazine, a new w magazine shoot with suvi, regular at vogue.. etc. really, i had no idea she could be this good.
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V magazine photographed by David Sims
W photographed by Craig McDean
on to other things..
love, love, love vlada's outfit.
and onto some stunning art from chris jordan.. really stunning.
a print of seurat's sunday on la grande jatte..
... with 106,000 aluminum cans! the amount used every 30 seconds in the U.S.
what is this?...
426,000 cell phones that are "retired" everyday in the U.S.
and last but not least
$12.5 million, the amount that the U.S. gov spends every HOUR on the war in iraq. eeek.
much more on you should really have a look.
and the photographer from coco's numero shoot is Solve Sundsbo :)

Sunday, November 04, 2007

after this, we all HAVE to love coco.

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photographed by Solve Sundsbo
i'm sure many of you have already seen these photos, but they just show what amazing work coco rocha and her gaping little mouth can produce. i love the idea, the makeup and the firey hair! very inspirational and one of my favorite shoots. and rumor has it that three of my favorite models of the moment- kasia struss, stam and coco are all going to appear on the dior ad campaigns. although the collection wasn't wow, i'm pretty sure they're going to look as good as these.
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