Monday, June 30, 2008

pardon me for the lack of posts, im still surprised that people bother to visit my blog! have been quite busy, just got back from vacation and going off to FIT this sunday! anyone else going?

couture week has already begun and it's quite exciting to see all the models back on the runways strutting the designer's latest creations. my favorite of the day would have to be dior, though armani comes close. galliano certainly toned down for this show- notice the makeup! dior's new look, 50s silhouette has always been a favorite of mine and the draping on the clothes were magnificent. the highlights from the shows today for me were..

tomorrow will be quite a day.. chanel, lacroix and givenchy are scheduled to show!
* who else was surprised to see irina? was glad to see bette franke.

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