Saturday, March 29, 2008


issey miyake, yohji yamamoto and rei kawakubo lovers- you might just be a bit interested in this video. no sorry, it is not an interview of all three designers (though i wish!) i just came across this and thought i'd share- it's an interview of mary baskett, who is a collector of avante grande japanese fashion and she basically talks about what these people are doing or have done to change the fashion world and what it is that she finds so unique about their designs. She had an exhibition called where would you wear that? at the cincinnati art museum of her personal collection last year, but i missed it! i'm hitting myself on the head right now for missing such a thing. video is brief, but i enjoyed it. would you ever wear such pieces when stepping out your door?


yohji post i did a while back, actually about a year ago! read if interested:
my latest designer obsession. a lot of the times i find his designs to be mystic, sexy and 'quiet', whatever that may mean. people have refered to him as just more than a fashion designer, he is a poet who brings his work of art onto the runway. his designs are not exactly the glamourous type, rarely seen on the red carpet or any other social event, you may even say that his work represents the exact opposite. one thing i love the most about him is his uniqueness that sets him so far apart from the others. i read an interview of him in visionaries and i was immediately intrigued. 'like a pendulum, real clothes and costume, yesterday and today. With my two hands, I have mixed the ridiculousness and absurdity of costume and the boringness of real clothes, like creating the salad dressing for nouvelle cuisune.' i'm not quite sure what he even means by that, but here's a segment of the interview that may be more understanding, 'where i was born,' yamamoto once told me, speaking so quietly that i had to strain to hear him, 'there were very many prostitutes. And they were wearing high heels and strong lipstick. And really, I was afraid. I was scared. Because they looked very, very wild. Very, very wild and scary. Not natural. And after I became a designer, i still have the same reaction to high heels and strong lipstick. I get very scared.' i guess that's one of the reasons why he tends to use flats and very mute makeup on the runways.

Friday, March 28, 2008

i went shoe shopping today (online) and had a major shoe orgasm. it's just upsetting that they're all so out of my price range, but still so gorgeous. ohhh and marni, i love you. (have you noticed i say that very often in my posts?)


all from anthropologie (clockwise from top left)- $58, $88- a bit chanel and chloe, $188- old news, but florals are HUGE this season!, $188- when are gladiators ever out?

and the most coveted..
Burberry Prorsum
550 chloe
guess i like em all quite glossy and shiny

oh and a bit off topic, but i think this photoshoot (numero apr) with catherine mcneil is genius!
probably the best we've seen of her?

and another thing, does anybody subscribe to FRENCH VOGUE in the states? if so, how much does it cost?

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Monday, March 10, 2008

paulo melim andersson got the boot from chloé as their creative director.. suprised or not? his latest fall collection was a bit disappointing for me (but not as disappointing as prada or miumiu!!), but he did bring something new, a bit different (..and a bit marni) to the house. i'm guessing the house wants something more phoebe philo, seeing that andersson's replacement hannah macgibbon was part of philo's design team. i still loved his debut collection though.. did you like andersson's collections for chloé or no?

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