Friday, April 13, 2007

"sculpted elegance"

ellie tahari, tse
revelation, photographed by mario sorrenti and alex white.
i love the compostition, the mood, and the beauty of all.
i thought it was karen elson and freja at first, but turns out the models are actually lara stone and sheila marquez. i also have to add that the shoes feautured in this photoshoot; Lavin, Louis Vuitton, Dior, are all very lovely and i'm completely drooling over them.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

why, oh why you wear sunglasses in the home when the sun went down about an hour ago?

i read in a magazine two summers ago that the white frames are a no-no. well suprise, suprise- they're all over the place this summer. i haven't quite made my mind about the white frames yet, they're a bit fake and cheap looking, and they stand out a bit too much for me. as ms. salaun mentions in the ny times article it's '80s in the shades, "if you're wearing white frames you want to be noticed." a sign of trying too hard? i've never considered buying white shades, i really prefer the dark framed, mysterious kind, but these below have made me think twice. especially those foldables- how cool are they?

250 adam kimmel selima optique

adam kimmel from selima optique, $250

325 sol moscot opticians

proenza schouler from sol moscot opticians, $325

129.95 ray-ban wayfarers

ray-ban wayfarers from, $129.95

it's finally that time of the year- when anna wintour decides to put models on the cover of us vogue! some of our favorite models are to be on the cover- coco rocha, jessica stam, sasha pivovarova, lily donaldson, agyness deyn, hilary rhoda, doutzen kroes, raquel zimmerman, caroline trentini, chanel iman. what do you think? if you ask me, i don't get what all the hype is about on chanel iman- i'm not fond of her look so much.

the ankle boots on the girl from the previous post are from malo by the way.


Tuesday, April 03, 2007

i contemplate the day we wed, your clothes are boring me to death.

the look above me is very simple, no? perhaps boring?
boring, simple, uncreative or whatever you may call it, i lust for the look. not just that look in particular, but the whole simple look in general. i went shopping today and i came home and now i plan on returning all the things i bought, except the calvin klein undies and a dior show mascara. for a second i thought i lost my interest in clothes. i'm in a pretty frustrating situation right now because i can't seem to find anything that i want to wear. yes, the clothes i saw at the mall today are appealing but i don't want to wear them- weird huh? anyone ever been in this kind of situation also? a simple loose fitting white top paired off with a nice pair of black skinnies (perhaps in leather) sound really appealing to me right now and i know most people are probabaly thinking- 'how boringggg'. maybe this is some kind of a "fashion block" as in like the "writer's block"
four looks from the chanel spring07 collection
four looks from sping07 and fall07 collection of calvin klein
on to my new bikini obsession- calvin klein. the acidic colors used in this swimsuit seem like they've rusted or something- i loveee it.
calvin klein
a gray emilio pucci bikini with the signature pattern.
and how about them luella leather pants? i wish i lived in the 80s so i could wear them to a guns n' roses concert.
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