Sunday, January 27, 2008


my latest obssession is a red jacket from the junya watanabe spring08 collection (he showed it in other colors too, if you want to have a look). i first saw it in a W ediotorial, garden of eden, and have been drooling over it ever since. i've been craving red lately, i don't think i own a single piece in red.. what a shame!!, but i will stocking up on red this summer. and i'd be extremly lucky/happy, to even find anything like the watanabe jacket around here. my obssession for red pieces probably started when i saw matthew bellamy wearing a red trench coat in a smbh video and not to mention his red hair era from the bliss video. it's quite attractive.

fass_eden_02_h fass_eden_11_v
i love how rich the red looks on suvi and i like the material (polyester&wool) used for jacket as well.
Matt_Bellamy_2 1422645890_5d9b365f32_b

enjoy muse.


Monday, January 21, 2008

i suspect that spring and summer will be a colorful one this year, especially with the floral prints from dvn and bold striking colors from lanvin. one of my favorite color mix this season are blue and orange and a whole lot of them were seen on the runways this season. i love the ones from alberta ferreti, lanvin and dolce&gabbana- everything about that outfit is gorgeous! also love the ones from marni and as always, i'm in love with the shoes and the shades on lily donaldson as well.
marni/dolce&gabbana/lanvin/louis vuitton/cdg/alberta ferreti
dvn/alberta ferreti/rue du mail/jill sander/lanvin/hermes
3.1 phillip lim/dvn/marni/marc by mj/prada

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

i love the new dolce&gabbana ads. their spring collection is very high up on my list of favorites this season and the duo certainly picked a very very good trio to show off their wonderful clothes and lustful bags. stam looks very pretty with the dark lips, wearing a gorgeous peachy dress, alongside gemma and lily, who are also looking very pretty on the new cover of i-d. i'm in love with the shade of red used in gemma's dress.
i love the new burberry ads also, the blue trench coat looks so fab on the guy and the girls backstage, i might have to find one for myself this spring.
another thing i'm lusting after is burberry's pre-fall collection, showed off by the beautiful ms. stange. everything looks so chic and wearable, i love the hats, trench coats, the pants and the shoes!
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