Friday, September 29, 2006

looking ghostly.

Tanya Dziahileva and Coco Rocha have become my favorite models this season. They both have such strong and unique features that you immediately notice them and recognize them later on. In my opinion, I think they both have very similar facial features that gives more of a ghostly look than an alienic look, which Gemma Ward and many other models have been dominating the runways with and have become very sucessful for. Maybe this ghostly look will be the next new, big thing for models, seeing that Tanya and Coco have been appearing much more on the runways and Prada's new chic, Suvi Koponen from Findland, seems to have this look somewhat down.

Suvi Koponen is on the rise to becomming the new Sasha.

Zac Posen, givin some lovee. Tanya on left, Coco on right.

cheek bones to die for.
Anna Sui
Better than Sasha?! maybe..
their expressions are cold and ghostly on the catwalks. who's your pick?
Coco's got my vote.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


new cycle of ANTM has started. and the drama has already begun.

Ironically, she did a Naomi Campbell for her shoot. Ohh Monique, you deserved much better than that bed under Tyra...

Melrose shows up late as an arrogant bitch. Don't you think you were living the moment a bit too much hun?

Michelle was definately my favorite. She just really caught my eye and she seems to be better as a model than her sister, Amanda. But, we'll see what happens.. The cycle's only begun and there's much more drama to go around.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

ban on skinny.

note to self- side effect of richie's diet: saggy skin
I think Bosworth has always just been on the skinny side and I haven't really noticed the difference, but the media is definately noticing and chattering away. I have to say that she's got very good fashion sense.
As you all probably know, the Fashion world has finally taken action on the weight issues, in Madrid at least. They've set limits to how skinny you can be in order to be able to walk on the runways. They were even taping the models at a buffet to check if they were eating.. which i find to be kind of funny. Banishment on too skinny would mean that a person as skinny as Kate Moss would be banned. If this policy spread on to other parts of the world of fashion, it would mean the banishment of many of our favorite models. Darn, that would suck major..

Friday, September 15, 2006

fashion week: Anna Sui

It's only september and we get a sneak preview of what we should be wearing in 7 months. It really can't get any better! I heart fashion week.
Anna Sui. Seriously, when does this woman ever fail to create such beautiful clothes? Anna Sui's SS07 RTW were all about prints, prints and more prints, inspired by the clothings of the middle east and Marie Antoinette. The main uses of colors were red, white and blue. She had a couple of dark pieces in the end, which were not as impressive as her bright colored ones, but just as good. The make-up was very doll-like, similar to her FW06 RTW.
the dark pieces. the print on the second one is ace.

the whites.

the reds. borth are so perfect for spring and summer.
the blues. i loveee the dress that Gemma is wearing and the top on sasha. the striped leg warmers are rad and all of the shoes are superb.

Aniston wins best dressed.

PEOPLE magazine listed the best and the worst dressed in Hollywood for 2006, who were all chosen by viewers and readers.
First comes Jennifer Aniston, aka "the natural", who's style is simple, mundane and of course natural. Her outfits are so well put together and truly, no one can pull it off like her without looking boring. What I like about her so much is that she has a great petite body; natural looking wavy hair; no over done make-up/tan/plastic surgery, which basically says she's one of the people in Hollywood who's appearances aren't fake. She continues to amaze me with her fashionable style on and off the red carpet. I think that she truly deserves the title of best dressed in Hollywood.
Halle Barry comes in second with her classic look. She has gorgeous skin, great curves, looks and style. She really knows how to show off her curves, without looking trashy and she looks soo fab in that black dress. She's definately one of my favorites.
Jessica Alba comes in third, as the New Comer. I personally don't find her attractive or special. Her style is ok and may be better than some, but I really don't think she deserves 3rd place. Beyonce came in third and Eva Longoria came in fourth. I find them both really gorgeous, but their styles don't really amaze or stand out to me.
Charlize Theron, the "Sophisticate",came in sixth. She really does have a sophisticated style and I think she deserved to be more towards the top of the list. There's really never a time where she fails to look extra fabulous on the red carpet.
Kate Moss, the Trendsetter, gets seventh place. Hmmm.. where should I start? She may be overrated, but she's definately one of the "it" models of our time and really how can you not like her? Her outfits are just so fabulous and amazing, and her hair and makeup always seems to be just right. She wears all these unusual clothes that noone but her can pull off. and she pulls it off amazingly everytime..
Christina Aguilera comes in after Kates Moss. I must say that she's looking fine these days, especially compared to her early days of slut phase. Her third outfit is just soooo cute. Jessica Simpson came in after Christina Aguilera. I personally think that she doesn't even deserve to be mentioned on the list. I just think her choice of clothings has gotten worse this year and I think she's beginning to steer towards the wrong way.
Who's your pick?

Saturday, September 09, 2006

we all like a preview!

i am loving this one. the combination of the shorts with the white belt, and the blouse with the vest is perfection.

W October

well, I am just a bit frightened by this cover of W's October issue..

Thursday, September 07, 2006

natalia's hair craze.

why, miss Natalia! that's a lovely Prada dress you're wearing.
Donna Karan Collection bodysuit // Rochas lovely sweater.
The artwork on the right is really cool.
& she makes me want this Marni coat even more...
Natalia and the bright-colored bobs seems to be extremely popular these days.

Saturday, September 02, 2006


i saw this turtleneck and found it absolutely horrifying at first. but come to think of it, the piece is not so much of a disaster. i think it'd actually look good with a pair of skinnies and some funky heels. $348. love it or hate it?

this orignial Anna Sui is so gorgeous . $228.
these incredible shoes i'm lusting after would go so well with the dress. $298.
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