Sunday, May 20, 2007

marni's playfulness.

one of my favorite looks from the fall07 RTW collections, a multicolored vibrant Marni dress. i've fallen hard for the one on Freja and Doutzen, which one's your favorite?

Saturday, May 12, 2007

let's be fashion foward and make a broad statement.

"together the shoulders and slinky skirt looked like a suit. a strong suit. a fortiesish suit, not an eightisish suit. i ferreted out my black patent Alaia platforms. this really did look OK. then i chickened out. i shed the shoulders and fled to report on the Armani Prive show. the piquant regret i experienced on leaving the Margiela on the bed might be more understood by what happened next. a seat opposite stayed empty until the last dramatic moment before the lights went down. then Cate Blanchett walked along and sat in it. and what was she wearing? a black, wide-shouldered, slinky-skirted fortiesish suit, custom-made for her by Mr. Armani. damn, damn, damn."-shrug it on by Sarah Mower APR07 Vogue-

i love perfectly tailored, structured clothing and when i spotted the broad shoulder look at the Balenciaga spring07 show, i was very excited that such a trend had been reintroduced. i love its silhouette and its ability to change one's look entirely. it gives a look so much more power and impact, you're bound to stand out from the rest of the crowd and there's no doubt you'll look cool, sexy and fabulous doing it. this just might be my favorite new trend.




Giorgio Armani




Maison Martin Margiela

proenza schouler

Proenza Schouler


Stella McCartney


Wednesday, May 09, 2007

party of the year.

first of all, congrats to Alber Elbaz for making the TIME 100. Natalie Portman actually wrote the article on him for TIME- "he's the ultimate fashion philosopher-mentor. he says things to me like "wear flats. you're short. it's much cooler not to pretend."- favorite part of the article, i find it a bit amusing and unexpected that one would tell a short person not to wear high heels. He also has a new fragrance comming out, which i am very excited for and i'm pretty sure it'll be as lovely as his designs!

onto the costume institute gala, my favorite looks of the night were all from jean paul gualtier couture.
coco rocha
i thought coco rocha looked stunning and lovable in the golden gown along with the designer himself, jean paul gaultier.
camilla belle
camilla belle looked every bit radiant in this look.
summer trend: fellows from facehunter has convinced me that i must work red into my summer's wardrobe. take inspiration, my personal favorite is the lady with the red jacket:
a love it or hate it item: kirsten's orange dress paired off with lovely white gladiator sandals- i'm guessing jill sander. i personally love the tailoring and shape of the dress, the waist is just perfectly shaped- i love how it curves upward and out, perfection!

Friday, May 04, 2007

another obsession.

sorry for not posting in a month and randomly disappearing off the blog world, i tend to do that sometimes. i've just been devoting a lot of my time to preparing for an a.p exam- u.s. history. it's a drag.
my latest designer obsession. a lot of the times i find his designs to be mystic, sexy and 'quiet', whatever that may mean. people have refered to him as just more than a fashion designer, he is a poet who brings his work of art onto the runway. his designs are not exactly the glamourous type, rarely seen on the red carpet or any other social event, you may even say that his work represents the exact opposite. one thing i love the most about him is his uniqueness that sets him so far apart from the others. i read an interview of him in visionaries and i was immediately intrigued. 'like a pendulum, real clothes and costume, yesterday and today. With my two hands, I have mixed the ridiculousness and absurdity of costume and the boringness of real clothes, like creating the salad dressing for nouvelle cuisune.' i'm not quite sure what he even means by that, but here's a segment of the interview that may be more understanding, 'where i was born,' yamamoto once told me, speaking so quietly that i had to strain to hear him, 'there were very many prostitutes. And they were wearing high heels and strong lipstick. And really, I was afraid. I was scared. Because they looked very, very wild. Very, very wild and scary. Not natural. And after I became a designer, i still have the same reaction to high heels and strong lipstick. I get very scared.' i guess that's one of the reasons why he tends to use flats and very mute makeup on the runways. enjoy the amazing photos.
by the way, this is my 100th post! thanks to all who visit and you're comments and responses mean alot to me- hope to do another 100!
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