Wednesday, February 27, 2008

if you didn't already know, nicholas is a genius and has treated us with another fantastic balenciaga collection.
just look at that amazing tailoring
let's not leave out another fantastic collection, yohji yamamoto. both designers showed some fantastic leathers.
also some nice color mixes i spotted;
the mustard, cream silver and pale blue would layer together nicely perhaps for a scarf, the blue top with green skirt looks fantastic, the last two peach tops are just to die for.
the gray tweed from yamamoto looks so nice paired off with a black wide leg and of course some black flats.
hah, you can probably see why i had to post this one, but the jackets looks very beautiful with the bags.
btw- did anyone hate the V&R show? it was just the first few pieces for me.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008



this collection is very.. marni? suprising colors and bold accessories, pleats and details with just the right amount of volume. i'm drooling over that shirt with the nice sequined shoulder pads. it's a typical marni collection, but not as dissapointing as prada.. which just gets me more excited for miu miu and chloe. but i can't help myself but to love everything marni produces, even though i do admit the collections are very similar often- still i just had a minature panic attack when posted marni's show (i'm a loser). consuelo has consistency in her collections, an established style and look for the brand, is that a good thing? i suppose it is for the market, since you've established a good set of customers, i'd probably be a marni slave if i did have the $$. the collections are pretty predictable, unlike say balenciaga and prada. still, there's no doubt that the marni girl is very experimental. do these predictable, consistent collections bore you?


gucci's collection was a bit of a suprise for me, but i lovee it. i'm just lusting after those wonderful jackets. though too much fringe sometimes turn me off. remember andre leon talley's prada- hah. mm i'm still drooling over those jackets.
this is a drool post so let's drool over this picture from italia vogue.

2274039770_a9849b45bd_o, foto_decadent.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

at alberta feretti by the sartorialist (my favorite so far from milan)
oh, wish i could get away with blue hair... real tempting though, after all it'll eventually wash out right?!
first look at prada.. oh droool and oh my.,

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

oh my. i absolutely love the rodarte collection. the knitting is just genius and i have to say the duo loves to experiment and each season keeps getting better and better. never would've expected for rodarte to become a favorite of mine, but this is the collection that made me fall in love with them. some of these dresses are unbelievable- the ones that look like a degas come alive just makes me go awe with beauty. i think the sisters have a tremedous amount of talent to be able to mix these different elements together so wonderfully into a collection- sometime i look and think how in the hell did they make this work? i can already see this becomming a top 10 for fw08, and i'm definitley looking forward to their next one.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

really, is it fashion week already? i think it's bizarre how fast time has flown by for me! after viewing chanel's couture show, this fashion week, i'm really looking foward to what karl has got for chanel.
and i'm also excited that hilary rhoda is back. i just enjoy seeing her on the runways for some reason.
nothing very impressive so far, obviously it's just the start, but i do like this lavender jacket from rachel comey.
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