Monday, March 19, 2007

i love you so much that it hurts my head.

once again i'm in search for some new shoes to last me through summer. i don't buy a pair of shoes unless i fall hard for it, because if i don't, it's bound to end up in the back of the closet, which is a complete waste of money. now on to my new obsession, these were looooooove at first sight. aren't they just lovely and beyond gorgeous?! these are from marni, is it possible not to fall in love with anything marni?, selling for $624.
now, who isn't in love with these marc jacobs petal heels? these sell for $432, but remember thoes high slouch boots that sold for $1250? gosh, i want one sooo bad, but too bad they're sold out, not that i would ever be able to afford thousand dollar shoes.. i'm extremely jealous of thoes who own one.
if you fell in love with the shoes that natalia vodianova wore on the vogue march07 shoot, then consider marc by marc jacobs for $265.
if you haven't noticed, i'm obsessed with studs. so what's not to love about these studded flats from marc jacobs? ($575)
although i'm not very fond of this girl's style, sienna miller seems to be wearing, carrying and owning everything i've been lusting after lately. i've spotted her multiple times carrying the embellished burberry clutch, which i'm madly in love with, and then she goes out and wears the burberry roped tank top, which i posted a few posts back. i'm probably going to blow up if i see her wearing thoes marni wedges, but i highly doubt that will happen.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

are you excited?!

checking into rehabs and starting your own fashion line seems to be popular these days among celebrities. it came to me as a suprise that marc jacobs checked himself into rehab after seven years of sobriety. but what really didn't come to me as a suprise was that the lovely sarah jessica parker finally decided to start her very own fashion line called Bitten. we all knew this one was comming. i haven't been able to get a sneak peek of anything from Bitten yet, but it is being compared to the olsen twins' own fashion line The Row, which i haven't viewed either. to be honest, i would've been more excited if the sex&thecity crew announced that they were actually going to make a sex&thecity movie, which i doubt it ever going to happen, so i guess i will have to stick with being excited for the gossip girl tv series comming soon. sjp's new fashion line- yay or nay? the name is certainly more catchy than sienna and savannah's twenty eight- something.. i don't even remember.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

green skirt- love it or hate it?

doesn't this skirt remind you of peter pan? love it or hate it?
would you ever wear it-(if so with what) or no?

Saturday, March 03, 2007

shirtdress and such inspirations.

white russian
isn't this just a brilliant idea? i never thought of wearing a shirt dress under a skirt AND just letting the shirtdress flow out through the bottom. love it love it love it and will definitley be trying this one out soon.
white russian 2
another way to layer with a shirtdress is to wear it under a v-neck dress or shirt with a cute a-line skirt.
white russian 3
you could also wear it under a shirt with a cute square neckline, too bad that stores rarely sell sequined shirts like this above.
as seen on the runways- play it safe like chloé or be bold and go dangerously short like louis vuitton.
make things more interesting by wearing a clenching waist belt- a wide elastic one would do well.
jeremy lang
the mix of blue/grey denim and white-almost cream-colored shirt makes a very good combination, as seen on jeremy lang
pair a white shirt off with a dark colored jacket/cardigan, and loose fitting grey shorts.
i just looked through some new chloé and am happy to announce that they have indeed, finally moved out of their "comfort zone"-aka baby doll dresses. paolo melim andersson, fresh out of my other love, marni, has become their new designer and i am loving what i am seeing so far. even though the whole collection did tend to have some marni-esque pieces, they are just soo pretty to look at and you can't help but be obsessed- and that's what chloé is all about, right?
chloe 3
why does chloé always have to torture you with really really really pretty shoes?

Friday, March 02, 2007


i saw this shiny green H&M jacket from the 100 under $100 piece in Vogue and it immediately caught my eye. doesn't it just seem perfect for thoes rainy days? but, it is from H&M and it might not look as good in real life. everything just looks better in a magazine and plus the amazing jessica stam is modeling it. i am so glad that the snowing and winter is almost over, and am very exciting for spring to be beginning. i just can't wait to go shopping for thoes peep-toed flats and gladiator sandals! plus are we not all eager to just wear some nice light, loose fitting clothes- the heavy layerings of fall were just wearing me down.
100 under 100
100 under 100.1
also i am very excited to be joining Classy Couture, it's abosolutely fab and everyone should join- esp if you love fashion!!
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